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My food was legit on the struggle bus this past week.  Between being spoiled at work for Public Servant Appreciation Week, being in Charleston for Mother’s Day, and celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I was so afraid to step on the scale this morning.

Imagine my surprise when the scale showed that I lost another 2.4 lbs this week.  That means I have lost a total of 8.2 lbs in 3 weeks.  I’m starting to see changes in my body.  Others are too.  My cousin hasn’t seen me in a few weeks and last night was like “OMG!  Look at how much weight you’ve lost!”  Seeing results again has more than boosted my confidence which in turn is crossing over into other parts of my life.  

I’m back on the dating scene and having a blast.  I have always been the late bloomer- even into adulthood.  The hard part is that dating as an adult is much harder than when one is younger.  I’m hoping my dating efforts will be worth it.  Until then, I’m having so much fun.

Y’all- I know there are a million different plans out there, but I cannot tell you how much Weight Watchers has helped me to get back on track with my food and my fitness.  Since April, I have been so much more active.  This is evidenced by the increased activity via my Garmin Vivofit.  I realize this is not going to work for even on but if you are struggling with food, try Weight Watchers out.  

Until next time, friends, I’m gonna keep working on my #sexyinprogress 


Weigh In Disappointment Accompanied By….

Although it’s still a loss, I’m currently at 244.0 lbs.  A total weight loss of 36 lbs but only .8 lbs since my last update.

I am really disappointed by this but I’m hoping that I can pick it back up over the next two weeks.  My issue is not exercise.  I am kickboxing 3 days a week and doing PT one day a week.  Anyone who has been to the gym with me knows that I work my butt off.  

I will say that the last two weeks have been very stressful for me.  On Wednesday, I pretty much broke down on poor Angie during PT.  The tears were coming, friends!  For those that don’t know- I’m not a huge crier, so if I’m crying it’s usually because I’ve reached my breaking point.

Alas, this week will be better.  I have a friend visiting Charleston this week and my sister and her family will be here on Wednesday.  My sister and I will actually be going to Victoria’s Secret while she is here as this is a milestone that I want to share with her.

Now for my small victory… I traveled to Columbia yesterday for a leadership training for my sorority.  We were asked to dress up and this was my outfit:

  The importance of this outfit is that those pants are two sizes smaller than where I started.  I haven’t been able to wear a size 18 since freshman year in college!  The shirt was purchased in Wyoming last year.  I haven’t been able to wear it since I bought it because it didn’t fit (based on the size on the tag it should have!).  I felt good and looked good and I can’t tell you how great that felt!

I set a short term goal to get to 50 lbs by the end of July.  I’m 14 lbs from this goal, so it’s beyond work time.

Thank you to everyone that keeps reading this and supporting me on this journey.  This is the hardest and most emotional thing I have ever done.  I know it will be worth it.  I’M worth it.

Lots of love, y’all.  Keep working on that #sexyinprogress

35 pounds down…

Yep, you read that right.  I have technically lost 35.2 pounds.  When I weighed in Tuesday morning, the scale read 244.8.  I’m 15 pounds away from 50 and half way!  Sure, I will continue to lose weight past the 100 pound mark, but 100 is the first HUGE goal to reach.

Every day I feel like there are more things that I’m noticing about myself.  My friend Angel said this weekend that she just wanted to feel my new body!  However, I’m still struggling with days where I feel like I’m not losing weight fast enough.  I still have “fat” days.  I really hate those days.

I am kickboxing 3 days a week.  That’s a lot of cardio.  With Angie and Personal Training we have been focusing on weight training.  Last week, I earned 55 activity points in WW!

My struggle right now is stress and fatigue.  I’ve never been good at dealing with stress.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to get away from it.  Also, I feel like I’m always on the move.  I don’t get home until after 7 Monday-Thursday, so it’s a struggle to “catch up” on the things that need to be done around my house.  I don’t even want to cook dinner when I get home!  I really need to become a morning work out person to give myself more time in the afternoons.  I just like my sleep so darn much!

Have you become a morning work out person?  If so, how did you do it?

I’m on the struggle bus right now with updating this blog.  I’ll get back on a schedule.  Thank you all for sticking with me.  I’m still working on my #sexyinprogress!

What week are we on again?

I know it’s weigh in time.  I should have posted this yesterday.  I am down a total of 34.4 pound to 245.6 from my starting weight of 280.  I started weight watchers a couple of weeks ago and have realized that my eating was out of control.  I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things.

My progress continues to amaze me.  I don’t know why, but it does.  I was just telling Angie last week that I’m finding myself being able to do more things now than I ever thought I could before.  For instance, the first work out with Leslie, I wasn’t able to plank for even 10 seconds.  I was able to plank for 30 seconds during PT last week.  I still can’t hold my feet 6 inches off the floor, but they are getting closer with every ab exercise that I do.

My upper body strength is slow moving, but I’m starting to see muscle definition through the fat.  You should check out my awesome triceps!

Our fighting fit class this time around is doing a lot more physical things than just hitting the bag.  Yesterday we did a tire flip relay.  Holy crap is that tire heavy.  It was so awesome.  I never thought that I would say that about any kind of exercise.

I have also made the decision to start training for the Baltimore Half Marathon.  There is a 5 hour time limit and walkers are welcome, so that makes me feel like it’s possible.  I talked to my friend Stephen and he is going to help me work on endurance breathing.  I think the one thing that I hate about running is that I feel like I can’t breath after a short period of time.  My biggest obstacle is that I’m going to have to rely on the treadmill to help me with the hills for this race.   We have one hill in Charleston and that is the Ravenel Bridge.  I’m very lucky that I have a great support system for this goal.  I’ve reached out to some friends who love running and they have given me some great tips.

Well, I think that is all for now.  Relay for Life is Friday night into Saturday morning, so I’m planning on getting lots of walking time in over the 12 hours of the event.

Until next time, friends, keep working on your #sexyinprogress

Week 26 Weigh In

Can you believe that I have been on this journey for 6 months now??? It doesn’t seem like that long!  I keep reminding myself that this is a long term project and to keep going.

I weighed in this week and I’m at 250.2 which is up 1.2 pounds.  I’m not disappointed in that though because I am retaining water. (Oh the joys of being a girl!)  Also, I was completely lazy yesterday.  I did a few trips up and down my stairs yesterday she doing laundry, but other than that I did nothing.  Well, I read, but that’s not physical activity.  My excuse is that I was completely exhausted from Saturday.

Saturday was the Insane Inflatable 5K. I am going to post about that later this week when I have the pictures from the event.  It was so much fun!  Here is a preview:


I’m super excited to do my second TRX class tonight with Ross.  Fighting Fitness doesn’t start again until April 27, so I am taking this class to fill in my Monday training.  

That’s all I have for now.  Thank you for sticking with me these last 6 months.  Your support means more than I can ever articulate.  Here’s to the next 6 months of working on my #SexyInProgress 

Week 24 Weigh In

BIG News this week.  I believe I have finally broken the plateau for my weight loss.  I will admit that I was nervous about stepping on the scale this morning.  I have yet to attain that 30 pound mark.  It was like my body was hanging around the lower 250’s and wanted to stay there.

So with much trepidation and lots of prayer,  I stepped on the scale this morning and……… 249 lbs.  Which means that I have lost a total of 31 lbs!  Take that plateau!  So I am giving myself a green star!

30 Pounds

My next star will be when I hit 50 pounds.  I told Angie this week that I felt like if I could get past that 250 “hump” that I felt like everything else would be downhill from there.

I’ve been in a completely different state of mind this week.  On Monday night, I got a surprise phone call with an apology that I deserved but never thought I would get.   After that I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It was a weight I didn’t know I was carrying.  I really think that made a difference for me in my work outs this week.

So in celebration of this milestone, “Princess Sparkle” is going to enjoy every minute of my last kickboxing class tonight (sad panda).  I’m going to really keep track of my food.  (This has been something that I have done on and off, but I find that I lose more weight when I do it, so I have to be better at it!) I’m going to amp up my work outs.  I’m finally going to be able to punch Mike at my gym because I lost 30 pounds! (I’ll tell you all about that when there is photographic evidence.)

Until next time, friends, keep working on your #sexyinprogress!

Week 22 Weigh In

Where to start.  Not much change in weight loss to report.  It appears we have hit a plateau.  I was full of energy last week and really pushed myself with regard to working out.  My food wasn’t so great over the weekend.  I will admit that.  I did drink a ton of water and got some good exercising in despite traveling and spending an epic weekend with one of my best friends.

My current weight for this week is 253.2

I think the most frustrating part of all of this is that I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle.  I started this journey in an effort to stave off the inevitable.  High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Issues, Type 2 Diabetes… all of it runs in my family.  I already have the thyroid issues and have for about 3 years.  I’ve given up raw foods I love in an effort to naturally help things along with the medication.

I went to the doctor this week and it appears my blood pressure is elevated.  I don’t have any of the symptoms of having habitually high blood pressure.  However what I do have is a lot of stress. So I’m really going to work on getting rid of the stress in my life- or at least learn how to deal with it.  I don’t want to be put on blood pressure medication when I go back to the doctor in April.

It’s not all been bad though.  I’ve had a great but busy couple of weeks.  I am finding myself having more “skinny” days than “fat” days.  I’m calling them “skinny” days because they are the days when I notice and appreciate the weight that I have lost.  These are the moments and the days I have to hold onto when I’m having some not so great days.

This weekend, I put on a pair of crop pants that I bought in May 2014.  They were a little tight when I bought them, but you know denim- once worn, it’s comfy and stretches.  So I put them on to wear this weekend.  The waist is entirely too big.  The legs are still a little tight (I’ll get to that in a minute), but I had to legit wear a belt with these pants.  I put on the belt that I just bought- I’m on the last notch.  Luckily the belt is made such that I can make some new holes and it won’t be noticeable.  Saturday was a “skinny” day for me.

So about my legs…. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that I am going to have big legs.  I do see a change in my legs, but it’s subtle.  For instance, I noticed that there seems to be less surface area when I was shaving my legs recently.  I still have really thick “cankles.”  My jeans tend to be big everywhere except my legs.  Is it too much to ask to have sexy legs?  I just want to be able to wear cowboy boots- tall cowboy boots and tall boots in general.

I promise that I will update more.  I have these really great ideas then they tend to jump out of my head when I finally sit down to write.  Until next time, keep working on you #sexyinprogress