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My food was legit on the struggle bus this past week.  Between being spoiled at work for Public Servant Appreciation Week, being in Charleston for Mother’s Day, and celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I was so afraid to step on the scale this morning.

Imagine my surprise when the scale showed that I lost another 2.4 lbs this week.  That means I have lost a total of 8.2 lbs in 3 weeks.  I’m starting to see changes in my body.  Others are too.  My cousin hasn’t seen me in a few weeks and last night was like “OMG!  Look at how much weight you’ve lost!”  Seeing results again has more than boosted my confidence which in turn is crossing over into other parts of my life.  

I’m back on the dating scene and having a blast.  I have always been the late bloomer- even into adulthood.  The hard part is that dating as an adult is much harder than when one is younger.  I’m hoping my dating efforts will be worth it.  Until then, I’m having so much fun.

Y’all- I know there are a million different plans out there, but I cannot tell you how much Weight Watchers has helped me to get back on track with my food and my fitness.  Since April, I have been so much more active.  This is evidenced by the increased activity via my Garmin Vivofit.  I realize this is not going to work for even on but if you are struggling with food, try Weight Watchers out.  

Until next time, friends, I’m gonna keep working on my #sexyinprogress