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´╗┐When all else fails…

I know I have been really slack at updating this thing.  My life has just been insane since my job change/move in January.  I was semi-settled when I joined back up with weight watchers.  I started exercising- often working out twice a day most days.  The only problem was that I felt like I was always hungry!  I tried eating healthy foods and yet the scale was not moving at all.  Infuriating!

So I went to the doctor at the beginning of July and explained my weight had not changed in several months despite my best efforts.  She said to keep going and eventually it would change.  Then she gave me the option of taking phentrimine.  It’s an appetite suppressant.  I took the written prescription and decided to do some research on it to decide if I wanted to proceed down that route.

Y’all know I’ve been a huge advocate of natural weight loss.  Exercise and good eating should do the trick right? Apparently my body is an anomaly.  I legit gained 5 lbs in a week even exercising and eating right.  FIVE POUNDS!  I decided enough is enough.  After talking to everyone and their mom that has taken this medicine at one point in time and thorough research, I decided to accept the assistance of the pill.  I started taking it a week ago Thursday and so far I’ve lost 6 pounds.  Logically, I know most of that is water weight, but my appetite is under control and my workouts have definitely benefited from the “boost” that the pill gives me.  I am only allowed to take it for three months, by law, as it is a controlled substance.  The sole purpose of my taking it is to break through the plateau.

My biggest concern is my legs.  I see all these weight loss stories where people have big legs and they lose weight and bam- they have awesome legs.  I can’t seems to beg away the fat on my legs.  I’ve done some research into why this is and everything that I have found leads me to a condition called lipedema.  This is not to be confused with lymphedema, which is similar but much different.  When I go for a follow up with the Doctor, I am going to talk to her about it.  The scary part of lipedema is that the fat is not affected by diet and exercise.  It can be controlled that way, but the only cure is liposuction and that is not in the cards for me at all.  Not a lot of doctors know a ton about lipedema because not many study particular types of fat.  It’s worth a shot to chat with my doctor about it and move on from there.

I’ve been very nervous to mention anything about taking the pills as a part of my journey.  Admitting a weakness is not the easiest thing in the world for me.  I’m looking forward to seeing if this will help.  It’s still very new and I’m very much getting used to it.  

I’ve started back to kickboxing.  I forgot how much I missed it! If you are in the Columbia Area, specifically Cayce/West Columbia, come check out TNT Martial Arts and Fitness on Knox Abbott!  The people are awesome and you will get a great workout!

I’ll try to start updating more often.  I’m very lucky to still have a great support system.  I’m glad life is finally settling to where I can get back into a routine.  

Still #sexyinprogress


Week 17 Weigh-In

I lost 1.8 pounds this week. So that is a total weigh loss of 27.8 pounds so far. That 30 pound mark is in my sights, y’all!!! I really want to reach that 50 pound mark by the end of April.

I’m really struggling with food- only because I feel like I’m eating the same stuff- fish, chicken, ground turkey… Lean meats. I love those foods and I do cook them differently, but it’s just boring. I’m constantly on Pinterest looking for new meals to cook that can shake things up a bit. (However, did you know how hard it is to find healthy recipes that don’t call for Avacado? I have tried ever which way to eat Avacado and I just don’t like it.). How do you get out of the food slump???

Small victory this week is that in kickboxing last night, we were doing ab exercises at the end as we always do. Ross calls this the “six pack attack.” We did traditional boxing training which includes sit ups. I think I have done one full sit up in my entire life. I did about 10 of them last night. I was stoked. I still have to modify some of my core work outs because my core is WEAK. Feet six inches off the ground- not happening right now. That being said, I have never felt fitter in my life. I’m still a work in progress but I’m getting there… And really, who isn’t a work in progress?

Just beware, I know how to throw elbows and knees now- so don’t make me mad! Lol!

Until next time peeps, keep working on your #SexyInProgress