Monthly Archives: February 2016

Anyone Still There?

Wow!  Most of you know that I’ve been through some major life changes since my last blog post.  I’ve changed jobs and moved to Columbia, SC!  It’s been a great move career wise, but I’m having trouble finding my workout mojo.  I did join a gym and I’m not completely sold on it.  It’s not CHUCKTOWN and that’s difficult for me since I love my gym family so much!  I recently found out that I get a discount at the YMCA, so I’m going to try that out.  Hopefully that will also give me an opportunity to meet new people as well.  

Since my last post I’m down 5 pounds- but still up 5 from my lowest weight.  This transition has legit had me up and down and all over the place.  I really need to focus on my food and my water intake.

Hopefully things will settle down a little now that I’ve completed my move from Charleston.  My goal is to not fall back into bad habits to counteract the loneliness.  That will be the hardest part.  I’m not too proud to say that moving to a new city is incredibly lonely and having to go back and forth to Charleston every weekend has not helped since I haven’t been able to *do* anything on the weekends.  Life is a journey and this is a big adventure.  I look forward to the personal and professional growth that this adventure has the potential to provide me.

Until next time peeps, I’m gonna continue working on my #SexyInProgress