Riding the High…

I’m not afraid to say I have been terrified of going shopping.  Anyone who knows me probably thinks I’m lying.  I love shopping- but shopping for new clothes?  Terrifying.  I’ve been very lucky to have awesome friends and family that have passed a ton of clothes my way.  I’m terrified of thinking I’m down a size and actually not being there yet.  I didn’t want the disappointment.  Of course-what size you are really depends on where you are shopping.  For all the dudes reading this- Vanity Sizing is real and it’s horrible!  

So when I started this journey back in October, I was an “upper” size 22.  My 22’s were starting to fit a little tight and I was staring down a size 24.  My T-shirt size was an XXL.  

That being said, I have been sitting on a gift card to Old Navy from Christmas. I decided to stop into Old Navy tonight trying to kill time before meeting my parents for supper.  For giggles, I grabbed a pair of size 20 jeans- just to see if they fit.  Imagine my surprise when they were too big!!!!! Of course I’m shopping by myself so I have to get dressed and go get the size 18.  I’m almost freaked out in the middle of the dressing room!!!! 

Here is the picture to prove it!!!

So I’m riding this huge wave of happiness.  I just almost broke down when on the phone with my sister.

This, my people, is #sexyinprogress


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