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Weigh In and Other Shenanigans!

I’m a slacker.  I haven’t posted in a while.  I weighed in this morning and I didn’t lose anything but I didn’t gain anything either.  So that is good.  I’m struggling with my food.  I’m realizing just how out of sorts I am with what is okay and what is not.  Therefore I made the decision today to join back into Weight Watchers.  This really helped me with my food before and makes tracking so easy!  I’m very excited to see if this helps to jump start my progress again!

Tonight was our first Fighting Fit class of our new series.  We’ve been off for about a month and boy did I feel it!  Stephen and Ross put us through the ringer tonight.  It was the best work out (and I earned 17 Activity Points for WW)!  Angie is still kicking my booty butt!  In fact, she and CJ had a great laugh at my expense while I was doing some weighted hip dips (or whatever they are called) on Wednesday.  CJ snapped this picture of my torture:


I promise to post a review of the Insane Inflatable 5K.  I just have to say this now.  The ladies of “The A Team” are freaking fabulous.  Seriously, I am so lucky to have such wonderful, healthy, motivated people in my life.  I made some wonderful friends.


I also have to give a special shout out to my dear friend and sister Alexis!  I’m so glad that we got to share this experience together!  You are one of my most treasured friends!


Before I leave, I have to give a special shout out to Chucktown Fitness!  Happy Anniversary!  (We had a party at the gym tonight complete with food and awesome tunes!)  Here’s to many more years of being a family and changing lives one pound at a time!

That’s it for now, folks!  Keep working on your #SexyInProgress


Week 26 Weigh In

Can you believe that I have been on this journey for 6 months now??? It doesn’t seem like that long!  I keep reminding myself that this is a long term project and to keep going.

I weighed in this week and I’m at 250.2 which is up 1.2 pounds.  I’m not disappointed in that though because I am retaining water. (Oh the joys of being a girl!)  Also, I was completely lazy yesterday.  I did a few trips up and down my stairs yesterday she doing laundry, but other than that I did nothing.  Well, I read, but that’s not physical activity.  My excuse is that I was completely exhausted from Saturday.

Saturday was the Insane Inflatable 5K. I am going to post about that later this week when I have the pictures from the event.  It was so much fun!  Here is a preview:


I’m super excited to do my second TRX class tonight with Ross.  Fighting Fitness doesn’t start again until April 27, so I am taking this class to fill in my Monday training.  

That’s all I have for now.  Thank you for sticking with me these last 6 months.  Your support means more than I can ever articulate.  Here’s to the next 6 months of working on my #SexyInProgress 

Non Weigh In Update

Hey Friends!  It’s a non weigh in week for me.  However, this doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a huge week for me.  I cleaned out my closet on Saturday.  I’m sure most of you saw the picture on Facebook, but I was super stoked to be able to get into a dress that I bought almost two years ago and never have been able to wear.  (For those of you who have not seen it, my apologies for the picture quality as I had just gotten home from the gym.)

green dress

I was also able to get rid of two trash bags of clothes that no longer fit.  WOOHOO!  Also, I’m finding myself having more “skinny days” than “fat days.”  Everyone has “fat days”- just blah days.  My skinny days are fantastic though because I feel like a million bucks and I feel like I look like a million bucks.  I wish I could give everyone “skinny days” because like endorphins, “skinny days” make people happy.

Last week, I reported that I lost 31 pounds.  When I did my first weigh in, the GM at my gym, Mike, said that when I lost 30 pounds, I could punch him.  Too bad for him, I found my love of boxing after this wager was made.  🙂  However, Mike is an awesome dude and an awesome dude stays true to his word.  So I got to punch him last week.  That was fun!

Next week will be a two post week.  A group of people from the gym including my trainer Angie, and some of our friends and family are getting together this weekend to do the Insane Inflatable 5K.  This looks to be the absolute funnest event.  I can’t wait to share all of the pictures and the fun moments that are sure to be had.  Mostly I can’t wait to share this with one of my closest friends, Alexis.

Until our next weigh in, friends, keep working on your #sexyinprogress!