Week 24 Weigh In

BIG News this week.  I believe I have finally broken the plateau for my weight loss.  I will admit that I was nervous about stepping on the scale this morning.  I have yet to attain that 30 pound mark.  It was like my body was hanging around the lower 250’s and wanted to stay there.

So with much trepidation and lots of prayer,  I stepped on the scale this morning and……… 249 lbs.  Which means that I have lost a total of 31 lbs!  Take that plateau!  So I am giving myself a green star!

30 Pounds

My next star will be when I hit 50 pounds.  I told Angie this week that I felt like if I could get past that 250 “hump” that I felt like everything else would be downhill from there.

I’ve been in a completely different state of mind this week.  On Monday night, I got a surprise phone call with an apology that I deserved but never thought I would get.   After that I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  It was a weight I didn’t know I was carrying.  I really think that made a difference for me in my work outs this week.

So in celebration of this milestone, “Princess Sparkle” is going to enjoy every minute of my last kickboxing class tonight (sad panda).  I’m going to really keep track of my food.  (This has been something that I have done on and off, but I find that I lose more weight when I do it, so I have to be better at it!) I’m going to amp up my work outs.  I’m finally going to be able to punch Mike at my gym because I lost 30 pounds! (I’ll tell you all about that when there is photographic evidence.)

Until next time, friends, keep working on your #sexyinprogress!


One response to “Week 24 Weigh In

  1. Good Going…. ❤️❤️ All your hardwork is paying off!!!!


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