Week 22 Weigh In

Where to start.  Not much change in weight loss to report.  It appears we have hit a plateau.  I was full of energy last week and really pushed myself with regard to working out.  My food wasn’t so great over the weekend.  I will admit that.  I did drink a ton of water and got some good exercising in despite traveling and spending an epic weekend with one of my best friends.

My current weight for this week is 253.2

I think the most frustrating part of all of this is that I feel like I’m fighting an uphill battle.  I started this journey in an effort to stave off the inevitable.  High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Issues, Type 2 Diabetes… all of it runs in my family.  I already have the thyroid issues and have for about 3 years.  I’ve given up raw foods I love in an effort to naturally help things along with the medication.

I went to the doctor this week and it appears my blood pressure is elevated.  I don’t have any of the symptoms of having habitually high blood pressure.  However what I do have is a lot of stress. So I’m really going to work on getting rid of the stress in my life- or at least learn how to deal with it.  I don’t want to be put on blood pressure medication when I go back to the doctor in April.

It’s not all been bad though.  I’ve had a great but busy couple of weeks.  I am finding myself having more “skinny” days than “fat” days.  I’m calling them “skinny” days because they are the days when I notice and appreciate the weight that I have lost.  These are the moments and the days I have to hold onto when I’m having some not so great days.

This weekend, I put on a pair of crop pants that I bought in May 2014.  They were a little tight when I bought them, but you know denim- once worn, it’s comfy and stretches.  So I put them on to wear this weekend.  The waist is entirely too big.  The legs are still a little tight (I’ll get to that in a minute), but I had to legit wear a belt with these pants.  I put on the belt that I just bought- I’m on the last notch.  Luckily the belt is made such that I can make some new holes and it won’t be noticeable.  Saturday was a “skinny” day for me.

So about my legs…. I think I have to resign myself to the fact that I am going to have big legs.  I do see a change in my legs, but it’s subtle.  For instance, I noticed that there seems to be less surface area when I was shaving my legs recently.  I still have really thick “cankles.”  My jeans tend to be big everywhere except my legs.  Is it too much to ask to have sexy legs?  I just want to be able to wear cowboy boots- tall cowboy boots and tall boots in general.

I promise that I will update more.  I have these really great ideas then they tend to jump out of my head when I finally sit down to write.  Until next time, keep working on you #sexyinprogress


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