Non-weigh In

I am not weighing in today. I went to Baltimore this weekend and there was a birthday party with really good pizza…and breadsticks… And CAKE!!! I legit had a huge carb overload on Saturday. I did much better on Sunday. I’m happy to say I did not give in to the temptation that is Diet Coke. I had the opportunity but stuck to water instead.

Besides traveling and an off day of eating, I am also finding myself becoming more and more obsessed with the scale. I need to break the habit. Several people have said that I should not use the scale at all. I can’t do that. The reason is that sometimes I want to know I’m making progress when I just don’t feel like I am. However- weighing in every other week is a step in the direction of breaking the habit. Besides the number in the scale doesn’t define me.

So instead of weighing in, I’m going to tell you about the kick ass (literally) Kickboxing class tonight. This is the part two of my boxing class. It’s an 8 week class on Monday nights. We’ve only taken a week off between the classes. I have never had my butt kicked so hard in my life. There were several times when I felt like I was just going to throw up. It was that good!
Stephen and Ross- thank you for pushing us!!!! I’m gonna give y’all some eye candy of me kicking butt. Kudos to my buddy Nelson for taking pictures and being an excellent motivator!

Until next time, keep working on your own #sexyinprogress and always fight #likeagirl





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