Week 15 Weigh In

I have to apologize to all of you for the late post of my weigh in.  I was caught by a little stomach bug on Monday so I couldn’t weigh in until Tuesday.  I meant to post this yesterday.  As of Tuesday morning, I am proud to say, I lost 4.2 pounds… meaning I have lost a total of 26 pounds!

I have to admit that I’m absolutely ecstatic about that number.  However, being a realist, I expect that I will see some gain this coming week.  For one, I have only gotten to the gym once this week.  Also, I will be traveling this weekend.  Granted, I will likely be running around with a 4 year old this weekend, so I’ll get some activity in.

I also was able to do a little shopping on Saturday after going to an Ultimate Workout class, where I was pretty sure that my good buddy Nelson was trying to kill me.  I went shopping specifically for some pants.  I’m happy to report that I’m the proud owner of 3 pairs of pants that are a size smaller than what I was wearing when I started this journey.  One pair are Michael Kors.  They were my little splurge for a reward.  Everyone who knows me knows that I do love anything and everything MK!

I’m excited for a couple of things that will be coming up.  Kickboxing starts on Monday.  It’s an 8 week class on Monday nights from 7-8pm.  Ross and Stephen are awesome instructors.  It’s only been a week since the first boxing class ended, but I miss it already.  If you haven’t tried boxing or kickboxing, I encourage you to try it out.  Like most things, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s an incredible work out and fabulous stress relief! I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep picturing beating the crap out of her ex-boyfriend?  Oh did I just say that out loud?  Eh, he deserves it!  LOL

I can honestly say that I have changed and it’s not just physical.  Having been sick and recovering, I missed my time at the gym.  I missed the people.  I think my body missed the endorphins!  I find myself feeling guilty about missing my gym time.  I’m also having some issues with food.  However, I have that planned for a post for a different day!

Until next time, friends!  Keep on being awesome and working on your #sexyinprogress!


2 responses to “Week 15 Weigh In

  1. Congrats! Keep going.


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