Week 14 Weigh In and More!

It was a good week. I lost a total of 4 pounds this week, but considering the 2.2 pounds gained last week, it was a net loss of 1.8 pounds. I’m okay with that.

I am starting kind of a different routine this week. Due to scheduling and wanting to create some space between my hardcore Monday workout and Personal Training, I am training with a new trainer this week. I’ve never worked with Angie, so I’m excited to see how we get along. My Fighting Fit (Boxing) class is over for now. I can’t believe that 8 weeks has gone so fast. I’ll be taking a TRX class on Monday nights until I start taking Kickboxing. It’s going to be so much fun!!!!!!

I’m gonna take a minute here (after all it is my blog) and give a very special shout out to CJ.

CJ- I truly love you! You have become a great friend to me. I cannot tell you how much meeting you and training with you for these last 14 weeks has completely changed my life. I look forward to training with you again in the future. You are an amazing trainer. You get credit for introducing me to my love of boxing. I’m always gonna laugh when I make stank face at you and hear you say “you fix that face.” Big Squishy Hug!!!

Until next time, Ladies and Gents!


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