Week 13 Weigh In

I am so stinking mad today. I gained 2.2 pounds this week. I did really well on my food. I exercised and yet I gained. This is the most frustrating part! Even when I was losing weight before- I cannot seem to get past 260 pounds!!!

I know the scale is only part of the whole journey. I seem to be retaining some water (my fingers were swollen when I was putting on my rings this morning). I just can’t help but be angry about this. I don’t know what I did wrong!

This has to be the most frustrating thing about losing weight. You think you are doing the right thing and yet you gain weight. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but muscle is also supposed to help burn the fat. It seems way too early for me to plateau.

I guess we’ll see what next week looks like. I’m trying not to get discouraged about this but it’s so incredibly hard not to be. I’m looking 25 lbs dead in the face, yet my body seems to not want to cooperate in me getting there.

Thanks for reading my venting.


2 responses to “Week 13 Weigh In

  1. I know it seems difficult now, but keep going! You got this! About every 20 pounds I hit a plateau. Try decreasing your salt in take to help with any water retention. Also, keep in mind you are gaining muscle which will help burn off the fat. Going through this right now myself. Stuck at 197 and can’t seem to surpass it. Trying to stay active as much as possible to get over this hump. Just remember it’s not about the scale, but how your body is feeling and how your clothes are fitting. 🙂


  2. Don’t be discouraged…. You are doing great. I’m so proud if you!

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