Week 9 Weigh In

I’m late in posting this because I was really discouraged yesterday when I stepped on the scale. Let’s review my exercise for the week:
Monday: 1 hour boxing class
Tuesday: Personal training
Wednesday: Ultimate Workout class
Thursday: Cardio, boxing class homework, and strength training.

I did not go to the gym Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. However, Saturday was shopping day with my Grandma and I volunteered to carry the heavy bags. I even got some bicep curls in.

My food was good this week. There were a couple of days where I didn’t hydrate enough but I realized that and made a conscious effort to increase my water intake.

I also set a goal for myself to hit TWL of 25 pounds by Christmas so I could eat whatever I want (not to excess) and not feel guilty about it.

So I stepped on the scale yesterday… I lost .6 lbs (6 tenths of a pound) REALLY??? I worked by butt off and I lost 6 measly tenths of a pound?

I was so disheartened and discouraged yesterday. Today I’m angry. I really pushed myself last week and I have little to show for it. I know the small victory this week is that I lost SOMETHING and I am over the 15 pound mark.

I talked to CJ tonight and I told him I was angry and frustrated. He pointed out that I may not be eating enough. I have been slacking on my food log recently so I really need to get back into logging my food intake- and my water!

I’m my own worst critic. I thought about taking a picture and putting it next to the original picture I posted. I’m terrified I won’t see a difference and get discouraged. I know I’m making progress. Several people at the gym have commented that they see the change. I guess I’m just ready to see a little more progress.


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