Week 5 Weigh In

i lost 10 pounds

That’s right- You aren’t seeing things!  I have lost 10.2 pounds so far.  This week’s weight loss was disappointing- only 6 ounces.  However, I still lost something, so I have to be positive.  Also, I haven’t felt well in the last week, so I only went to the gym twice.  I’m used to going 5 days a week.  I felt horrible for not going, but CJ, my personal trainer, agreed that I have to listen to my body.

I’m feeling much better and tonight I worked out and went to my first boxing class.  It was just a preview for an eight week course that starts on December 1.  I don’t know why I still get amazed by how nice the people at my gym are.  I made several new friends and I cannot wait for December 1.  I will talk about the class more in a few days.

Tonight, one of the ladies in the gym said that she has noticed that I have lost weight since she first saw me come into the gym.  My clothes are starting to fit better, if not a little looser.  I’m starting to notice some subtle differences in my appearance- none that would be outwardly obvious though.  I am determined to embrace small victories because they all lead to big victories.

My most recent small victory was that I was able to put on my boots with little difficulty- and by that I mean I was able to zip them up with little difficulty.  I wore them all day on Friday and felt like I was strutting.  I felt so great about myself and my small victory.

What is your small victory for the past week?


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