What I Will Not Do…

So tomorrow is a pretty significant and emotional day for me.  It would have been the one year anniversary of my ex and I.  We only broke up last month, so the wounds are still fresh.  I won’t go into all of that because this is my weight loss blog- not my dating one.  I only mention this because prior to my transformation starting, the first thing I would have done was run for the nearest cupcake.  As one of my sorority sisters and I agreed last night, cupcakes make everyone happy.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I am an emotional eater.  I know this about myself.  So instead of coming home tomorrow after work and being tempted to stuff my face, I’m headed to the gym.

As all of you that are friends with me on FB saw, my trainer put me on the punching bag this week.  I freaking love it!  My hands were the only thing that hurt me when I was done with that, but I think it was because the gloves might have been a little too big.  (I have little kid hands!)  So, my plan is to get off work, head to the gym and give the punching bag a good beating.  In fact, I plan to beat the hell out of the punching bag and get in a good work out.

What I am not going to do is wallow in my sad feelings.  I will not give in to the want in me that would normally have me eating a cupcake (or two…).  My transformation is more than losing weight.  This is about changing my habits.  So tomorrow when I wake up, I will go to work.  I will go to the gym.  And the only tears that will be shed, will be that of the fat that I am working off my body!



One response to “What I Will Not Do…

  1. hehe about the cupcakes 🙂

    But in all seriousness I don’t judge the way anyone finds their way to healthiness. Some people can treat themselves to cupcakes, others can’t.

    For me it’s easier to say no to the trigger foods. Once I get a taste I want more and more. I like to find alternatives that don’t trigger my overeating like maybe a frozen banana blended with some cocoa and berries or something.

    Some people need that cupcake once in awhile to stay on track.

    I preach and preach that Weightloss is so different from person to person and it drives me crazy when other people judge the way one person is doing it.

    Find your way, find your support system, remember to be patient with your body and remain consistent in your habits. This all will lead to success! I’m always here to help! (I’m a 90 pound weightloss success story and I’ve maintained that!) Keep up the awesome work!


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