Leaving on a jet plane…

Well, not really, I actually just got back.  However, can I tell you that trying to stay healthy while traveling sucks?!?!  I’m so lucky that I went to see friends that are super supportive of this journey I’m on.

I did go to the store before going to the airport to load up on some trail mix (pretty much nuts only, but there was some dried fruit included) as well as some Tukey Jerkey.  Charleston Airport is not known for their food varieties- especially while they are going through their renovation.  I knew this ahead of time and prepared for this.  I also know that BWI has some great foot variety, but most of it I can’t eat.

Saturday and today, I did pretty well with my eating.  I’m so committed to this journey, but I’m human.  When traveling and being around people who do not have the same rules as you, temptation is EVERYWHERE.  Do not get me wrong, I do not expect to have special treatment and as I mentioned, my friends are so supportive.  I just point this out to note that this is a test of will power.

Lately, I have been craving diet soda.  My trainer even told me Tuesday that he thought I was going to have one.  CJ- you will be happy to know I am still soda free.  :). I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.  I even got up this morning and did a few exercises just to keep with my weekly routine.

I need to learn that I can indulge (in moderation) and the key to these things is not to deny myself.  Some may disagree, but I have heard that from many people- including trainers.  I have done an excellent job at changing my focus when it comes to temptation and I know that it will all pay off in the end.  As my awesomesauce sister said on Friday when everyone was trying to offer me candy and all I could think about was having a 3 Musketeers bar: “Just think, no candy now, means sexy later.”  I know I can do this, but I just have to keep in mind my goal and not beat myself up when I mess up from time to time.

And now, just because I am so incredibly excited.  I mentioned in my previous post that I look forward to having some great tall boots this time last year.  Well, I went out over the weekend on a hunt for some booties.  I found some great boots… And though it’s never happened before, this totally happened tonight!  (Pardon the frog socks!) (and if you don’t see what the accomplishment is- I was able to zip the boots up!)



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