OMG Becky, Look at Her Butt….

It is…….getting smaller!  When I started on this journey, I promised myself that I wouldn’t live and die…errrr-quit by the scale.  Yes, the numbers are important to me, but it’s a whole life/body transformation.  Obviously, the numbers don’t lie and I do want them to go down.

Mondays are weigh in days for me.  Last week was a big week.  This week- lack luster.  I actually gained 2 ounces.  Now, naturally I was disappointed, but I know that I can’t let the disappointment hinder my progress.  I was doing a lot more weights this week.  My body is getting good exercise and I’m strengthening and building muscle.  So I chose to look at the other things that are moving in the right direction.

The number one thing is that I see one big booty getting smaller.  For those not following along- that would be MY big booty getting smaller.  Unfortunately, the ladies in my family are cursed with BBS (Big Butt Syndrome), so I don’t know that I will ever have a small butt, however, I can have a toned nice looking one.

I saw my dad today for the first time in a week.  He said that it looks like I have lost weight.  Also, I have noticed that my clothes are fitting better…. and maybe even getting a little big.  I know its always been said that the person losing the weight is always going to be the last one to notice it.

I have added a new goal to my list.  With fall and cooler weather upon us, all of my girlfriends are breaking out the boots.  My legs are still to big for me to find any that fit, but this time next year- well I’ll just start saving now.  I look forward to wearing some rock awesome boots and looking fabulous in them!


One response to “OMG Becky, Look at Her Butt….

  1. Rock awesome!!! Yay! I will take your personal challenge and it to mine! I love boots but also have been blessed by what I call man legs. My calls are the sort men need to have and would be great for a body builder. I’ve never been able to wear boots. But you and I will both be in some sexy boots next fall!!


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