My Journey Begins…

Yes, another weight loss blog… read it or not, I’m publishing this to hold myself accountable (and to stop blowing up everyone’s news feed on Facebook)!!

My name is Glynda and I currently weight 280 pounds.  At least a couple dozen gasps just rang out all over the country.  Yes, I totally just published my weight.  However, I’m going to go one step further- when I first knew I needed to lose weight, I weighed 291 pounds.  Yep, I pushed 300 pounds.  I say this not to because I’m proud, but because I can’t get past that number if I’m not honest about it.  I’m gonna struggle and I’m gonna have set backs.  However, I am completely motivated to do this for me.  I’ll give you all a little background on where I am now.

I have been overweight my entire life- or at least as long as I can remember.  I was active when I was younger.  I was always riding my bike, cheerleading or dancing.  I remember once that my mom and I were shopping for a matching outfits for a friend and I as we were dancing in the 4th grade talent show.  (Our dance to “Motown Philly” was AWESOME!)  Her clothes were still coming from the kids section and my clothes were in the teen section.  I remember having to go back and forth to see what we could find that would work.  Looking back now, it’s mortifying.

In college, I was became more comfortable in my skin.  I yo-yo’d in my weight but who doesn’t?  About 3 years ago, I went to the doctor just for a normal check up and I weighed in at 291 pounds.  Oh. My. God.  My doctor was very frank, lose weight or have surgery.  It was found that I have hypothyroidism (thanks genetics!).  Other than that, I’m completely healthy.  Surgery is not an option as insurance doesn’t pay for it and I certainly don’t have the funding to pay for it myself.

I’ve exercised on my own and I’ve done weigh watchers.  While I did have some success, I plateau’d at 260 pounds.  For some reason, I could not get past this no matter what I did- so I quit.  I still did some exercise, but there was always a reason to cheat or fall off the wagon.

I have recently come to a startling conclusion that I hate my body.  I. HATE. MY. BODY.  How can anyone ever love me if I don’t love myself?  I also have an addiction to food.  I will talk more about that later.

Two weeks ago, being newly back on the “single” market, I joined my gym- Chucktown Fitness.  So now I have a shiny new gym membership to a gym that I absolutely love!  (Seriously, this fat girl loves the gym.  Who’da thunk?)  I have a personal trainer who is fantastic.  Most importantly, I have a fabulous support system.  If you are reading this, thank you for being fabulous!

Follow along with my journey to “sexy”

290 me

Photo taken on 9/25/2014


2 responses to “My Journey Begins…

  1. Hallo Glynda, I’ll definitely follow your blog, as I started with my weight loss journey 3 weeks ago, and I know one can never have too much support! Welcome and good luck!

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